OfficeGroove | The concept in the making

The concept in the making. Hard sweat and effort is going into this space. I’m hoping to work from here about 2 days per week myself. It is a beautiful old building with great features. Really quite impressive. Can’t wait to see it vibrant and full of people again, making it their own and working their way to success.

Whilst working from home has it’s advantages. It also has its pitfuls. Exposure to other business minds and being in an environment that is work focused is something that is missed. As are the business networking opportunities as hostess/maker, rather than always as guest. OFFICEGroove can do and provide all this. Bring it on…

**Edit… Update… the building that housed OfficeGroove was sold off by the owners for a lovely price. We all thank this PR pitch for helping raise awareness of this building site.

via The concept in the making.

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