sharing secrets, adventures, water bombs in the park, laughs, cross words and giggles. brothers. i remember so many special times with mine.

he just happened to be my twin…

sleeping outside under the stars when hot, chasing and racing each other on our bikes. away in the january school holidays we would disappear from mum and dad for hours. hours and hours of fun. doing crazy stuff, making other friends and just hanging out.

he was my protector, my rock.

he was smart, funny, good looking and one hundred percent completely and beautifully arrogant. he had the capacity to frustrate the living hell out of me, like no other could. and yet – how could you be cross when he would flash his smile and off we would go laughing again…

he was always there. and then he was gone.

in an instant.

with no goodbye. just memories.

he is my twin. we will always be together. in spirit. in memorandum.