Think about it. We are different people in different situations. How we act with our family (down to earth and natural) is generally different to how we act in a corporate office (straight to business and formal). Do you agree? It has been my experience. So, it should come as no surprise that how we act online may be different yet again. The statement itself, says it the best; ie “act”.

Now, there is nothing wrong with “acting”. In fact it provides a comfort level for getting it right. Right, as in what level of exposure we wish to share. Right, as in we have to think about “it”. With “it” being, how we want to portray ourselves. How do we want to play out this act and reach our goal? Do we even have a goal?

And then there are two aspects of social media’s and communications that need to be considered. There are the “me” communications and the “business” communications. So, in essence you have to deal with both of these in some way, shape or form. And, both need to remain real. True.

Obviously, blurring of the personal v business personality and communications is inevitable. We have broken down many barriers in so many ways through the use of social media – why stop now? We are far more transparent. We are far more open to opinion but we are far more hurt by it too. So, the personal blurs more into the business personality and our online personal self becomes “polished”.

Is this a good thing? Time will tell.

What is your opinion?