18 Truths to Start Telling Yourself

QUOTE | Everyone has something amazing to offer. – Accept people just the way they are.  In most cases it’s impossible to change them anyway, and it’s rude to try.  If you give them a chance, everyone has something amazing to offer.  Open your mind, arms and heart to all people; we are united in our differences, and stronger together because of them.

From Charlie | I’m so glad I read this today. You know, in most cases I look at these types of comments and critise myself for how I treat others. I am hard on myself – the hardest of anyone.

My personality is opposites. One day I may be grumpy or strict, another happy and relaxed, but I’m always just me. So, today, I read this as how people treat me. I did this because I’ve had a week of feeling down from what I perceive as critism and failure. And you know what, I’m OK.

I’m OK when I’m a little bit messy, dis-organised, and crazy just as much as when I  am pedantic, organised and sane. My opposites are what make me unique. I look around at everyone and we are all unique. We all need our space and our time to adjust but we all want to do the things we love, in the way that we love them and in a way that we are comfortable with – that fits our time and journey. This is a result of the way we have been taught and raised, or the opposite to how we have been taught and raised because it is our world and journey and it is our choice.

Please don’t try to change me. I am happy with who I am. I’m OK.

via 18 Truths to Start Telling Yourself.

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