A methodology for learning. Part 5 – Reflection

Reflection. One of the most important steps in any creative process.

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This is part five of my exploration of a methodology for learning. We started by looking at Context, where we establish a contract with the learner, then moved into Demonstration, where we illustrate our view of the world. From there we Explored, playing with the learning and today we will Reflect.

Reflection can be viewed as both internal and external: internal reflection is about holding up what we are taught against what we already know to be true and deciding how it alters us. External reflection is about telling the story in our own words. In reality, we can view internal reflection as where learning really occurs, because it’s here that we actually make the learning our own. It’s here that we are actually altered!

To learn is to change, and changing happens out of reflection: often a stage that is missed in learning, which becomes…

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