Art is news. And visual communications.

Interesting conversation that has evolved (derived from an original post from 2011).
It has evolved from the origins of explanations and what we have learnt.

As in learnt through art.

Going back to the beginnings of mankind, our news started with art. We illustrated and used calligraphy (an artistic writing form) to explain and to share messages. Now, this evolution is turning full circle – don’t you think? Humans are returning to their visual beginnings to share news and interesting things on topic.

Look at online and social media in particular.

Social media is our favourite visual medium, with posts that attract us visually getting best engagement results and returns.

Using a still or moving format… we capture, share and love “beautiful” things through the visual to disseminate our messages.

We have recreated the art of communications using visual, returning us full circle.

Yes? what do you think?

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