Social networks; modern day graffiti

Revisiting an old blog, still relevant today…

Charlie-Helen Robinson

Your website is your piece of real estate online. An open door to all.

Social media platforms have created more roads and highways for people to find you, and so you are far more visible, making you far more vulnerable and exposed, to all types of global traffic. Keep in mind most of that traffic finds you via Google or Bing or some other search engine too.

If we consider the giants for a moment – Telstra, Bonds, and Vegemite to name a few… if these companies ever step out of line with their public, the public soon let it be known to them (think major brand having to pull a product off a shelf because of public backlash). Therefore customer service is at a premium when online. The response from the public comes in via word of mouth, letters to the editor and more recently via these social…

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