Charlie’s Social Media Predictions for 2014: Crusade

Confidence. Previous predictions where we see a rise of the over 50 year old male voice has happened. Statistics show this is the fastest growing group of participants on the social medias. In today’s world though, the social medias are just a way of life. They have integrated at all levels and for all preferences and tastes. So, in prediction land this is almost at the stage where I hand it over to the technologists to see what they come up with. Drones and devices are pretty much the norm, as are fully integrated marketing packages to meet your needs according to your profiles. Big brother eat your heart out, these days, it’s more what Coles or Woolworths can sell to you online.

Conversation. In our “social age of conversation” creating the first social learning environment for the University of South Australia’s Ideas Generation course in 2010 was obviously risky at the time, but on track now, even though initially the traditionalists were indeed wary of this development. Where I can see this going is through the use of mobile learning platforms that encourage social learning philosophies and using the informality of Facebook. And of course, universities will be running to upskill and cope. Mobile lecturers? Doesn’t sound crazy, just sounds unstructured and fluid and this is where I see they will struggle (from my personal experience at UniSA).

Criticism. Last year’s prediction for the defamation debate, is actually happening right now. But, why bother, just be nice. People who are nasty online are just that, nasty. You don’t hang with them in person, so don’t worry or talk about them online. Keep your own standards and stay true. This doesn’t need a prediction, just a be wary as I believe the testing of waters will still happen. The prediction is that people will realise this is a waste of time and go back to work. I do feel the bigger players have some sorting out to do, especially in the news arena. Hmmm “to be online, or not”. People still like to read a daily paper and the news outlet that hangs in there and continues to provide a paper format paper for the community, will be the winner. A little like the Australia Post situation  (from decisions made 10 years ago) where they were regulated to continue to provide branch outlets – they now manage everyone elses business.

Crusade. We’ve seen the social medias used for all sorts of reasons over the years, however, business can’t quite cut it’s teeth, charities can’t quite make a buck, and the crusaders can’t quite generate the right right voice with too many opposing views watering down their arguments. Without sounding like the social medias have created a monotone, they have. The leveling playing field that multiple voices provide does that. What I see happening on the social medias is a rise of the mentor, the leader, the person who consistently makes sense. This has always happened in social media land itself ie we all listen to the big players like the Mari’s, Dan’s, and Rowse’s.

There’s a big list of social media players here:

Chuckle. We always need one and this is where I always believe the social medias come to the fore. People turn to it for a quick pep up and some inspiration or a laugh. It’s like going to the pub with a bunch of friends, it makes you feel better.

And that’s exactly why I love this time of year also. Christmas is a time for peace, joy and goodwill to all. Thankyou my friends for being a part of my ongoing online voice. You give me the reason to express and be who I enjoy being.


“If you would stand well with a great mind, leave him with a favorable impression of yourself; if with a little mind, leave him with a favorable opinion of himself. ” ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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