Community Involvement; My Adelaide High School Governing Council News

About six Adelaide High School Council members will be up to nominate or re-nominate at the AGM on 26th Feb, 6.30pm (at the school). The current group of Council Members have a diverse body of backgrounds, interests and thoughts, and demonstrate a good cross section of the school community of parents.

I took on committee membership last year when Miss JM entered Year 8, and I have another guaranteed year of term. 2013 was educational for me in regards to the duties and responsibilities of a School Governing Council, as well as learning where I could add value on a team of this style. I have put my hand up to help on the Foundation Committee and now write the Governing Council’s news updates. I’ve also attended many interesting events as a Council Member this past year. I have enjoyed being able to add my opinion or thoughts, and hold discussions on important, sometimes sensitive, topics for the school… and to just be involved.

Being a parent of a current and past student at the school, it has been a wonderful experience on Governing Council being exposed to the inner workings and thoughts presented by the Principal, teacher and student representatives. I am proud to be associated, as they are such a dedicated group!

I personally hope you get behind Adelaide High School and attend the AGM to hear from their representatives. I know, the Governing Council’s focus this year, and in particular this first quarter, is to support the school process to begin re-accreditation with The Council of International Schools (CIS). A CIS accredited school is one recognised as being committed to improvement in student learning and well-being. The first step is undertaking a Preparatory Visit, which for us will be in Term 3 this year. Part of this process, to ensure accreditation is gained, is to conduct consultations within the school community and our first session has been held with representatives from zone primary schools and some parents from our current community. More have been planned. It will be an interesting year!

To stay in touch with school news and updates, you are encouraged to register your details via the school website.

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