Tasting Torbreck Vintners; The Steading

When you read on the Torbreck Wines website that the Steading is perhaps the most important wine within their portfolio, you get an idea of how we came to drink this bottle with excitement on Thursday night at dinner. To be honest, I even loved the bottle, the label and the glass emboss (etching?).

The Torbreck website (www.torbreck.com/TheWines/TheSteading/tabid/77/Default.aspx) claims The Steading is sourced from their own vineyard estates as well as from growers on a share-farming basis; totalling 45 different sources of fruit, all vinified separately and blended once their individual virtues have been assessed. Impressive!

It was a delicious bottle of wine.

Being a Year 2000, it wasn’t quite in the “vintage” category (or as we call it, a “deadred”) however it did have the aged cloudy colouring which we commonly see. The taste was still very subtle and smooth – smoother than I was expecting and worked as well with my lobster ristotto as it did my dinner companions steak! Very yummy in fact. And that’s a very technical tasting term for, “if you ever get presented with a bottle – try it!”

A beautiful wine shared.


Torbreck Vintners The Steading

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