Website Client Review: Not in the dog house

Website clients teach the art of letting go.

I regularly check on previous clients to see how they are fairing. I feel proud when they do well on their own. Not all do, so it’s a mixed emotions exercise for me. There are a number of reasons for both success and failure, and I can explain why for both in a another post. For now…

Dog House Day Care is a client who has continued to do exceptionally well. In leaps and bounds in fact.

Find them here:

I built their website circa 2011. They had a good grasp, in their mind, of what they wanted (one of business owners had a communications background, and they had an on-call professional graphic designer – handy). I listened, shaped and then implemented their vision. It was a quick transition. We used a third party but simple business WordPress theme, and I tweaked their content to suit the flow of the WordPress constraints (there are always a few). After go-live, I provided training to show them how to maintain the website.

Over the course of the build, we had a couple of conversations around search engine optimisation; using the social medias and maintaining up to date content to go forward. This is important.

These days organic search engine optimisation is essential. I say these days, and yet I have always believed that to be the case anyway, so I’m just living my dream. Good ongoing and consistent content management and good consistent use of targeted key words will win the day over any fancy ad campaign and tech geek programmed outcome. Why? Because fancy and/or geek results are like a “quick hit” and Google (and other search engines) are like humans in that they like to be fed daily; they have a consistent diet need.

In the case of Dog House Day Care, they have implemented online strategies that we mused over at the time, like using YouTube to show case their daily work… They have used the WordPress blog function and they have conversations through their website with their clients. The constant updating and feedback tells search engines like Google that they have a viable, sought after website.

And all this makes for a website that the search engines LOVE.

It’s a case of set, direct, forget (except I love remembering them). It’s nice to let go. There’s no need to send them to the dog house… unless it’s for them to welcome more happy customers.

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