QUICK TIP | 3 Steps to Relieve Camera-Shyness

If you have genuine camera shyness, there are methods to help you ease the pain.

Here’s three:

Step #1: Get used to your look. We are all unique. We all have funny noses, wonky eyes, good and bad hair days. Accepting what we look like is the first step, but it’s not always easy. Look back over photos of yourself and pinpoint your best features and best looks. Focus on the positive and when possible promote those eg it may be that your eyes are a clear blue but your teeth are wonky… so for photos, keep a direct focus on the camera lens and smile with your eyes, while keeping your mouth shut (this is just an example – wonky teeth have made people famous eg Madonna!).  Another example of “looks” is Victoria Beckham, who over the years has mastered the serious pout.

Step #2: Practice. Just like standing in front of the mirror to speak (like the actors do to learn facial expressions), take #selfie photos daily. Learn which sides you prefer the photo to be taken from, learn how to hold your chin and head, and just learn what you look like at different angles. Do this by yourself and simply practice.

Step #3: Work it. Know which neckline or shirt collar and colour suits you better. You may need to speak to a stylist (men and women). Women should know a few make-up tricks that can be used even on bad days (red lipstick goes everywhere). Remember too what you have worn previously and mix it up if you regularly attend functions where photographs are going to be taken. Get the colour and shape right and you are setting off your best feature (that face) in the best light.

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