7 Reasons to Have that Photo Taken Anyway

So, you’re a business person, professional or simply too old for this stuff, but there she goes, a camera comes out at a business networking function, work drinks or a friends BBQ and you roll your eyes and cringe. And actually, you don’t even need to be one of those characters, you could just be having a bad hair day.

Here are seven reasons how you can manage your reaction and why you should simply let the photo be taken:

Reason #1: To be polite. There is a certain elegance with staying true to your personality while accepting gracefully the fate that bestows you. The method “blow it out” (big deep breath in, forced blow out through the mouth) lets go of the negativity that surrounds the action of having a picture taken, and actually relaxes your face, primes your mind (mood) and ensures a good photo will be taken.

Reason #2: You can manage your own reputation. If you remain in charge of how the photo of you is taken subtly (ie don’t take over like you own the photo shoot, just prepare your face and body for the incoming), you can promote yourself in a way that you want.

Reason #3: Your face will become known. So many times people hear a name mentioned at networking functions, however they don’t see, or know, the face. Having your photo taken, and then tagged in that person’s network, is a valid reason to help get your face known as well as your name. You become a far more approachable person if you are recognised.

Reason #4: You will enhance your reputation. A relaxed, confident face and body in a photo is a perfect way to leave the viewer with positive impression of you.

Reason #5: Because it’s an easy way to get good profile photos. And why not? Let’s face it, we don’t all have world class photographers at our beck and call. We also don’t always have the time to update our profile photos and using photos that are out of date is “so 2012”. So, let the photo be taken, prepare your face and hopefully a good profile shot will come from it.

Reason #6: To appear kind. This is someone else’s fun and you could offend them if you appear negative about the situation. If this is your personality anyway, so be it. However, in a general business networking setting it is better that you “play along”.

Reason #7: Because it will be taken anyway. Refer to reason one and keep in mind, if a photo is taken candidly you might not like the results. So prepare for it and get on with it.

Of course, as with everything, if there are valid reasons why a photo should not be taken ie you shouldn’t be at the function in the first place, you have every right to not go there. The suggestion in this instance is to politely advise the photographer at event commencement, or when the photo is about to be taken, quietly on the side.

Finally – here’s how to work it: https://charlierobinson.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/3-steps-to-relieve-camera-shyness/

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