Gwendoline turns 80

Daisy chains on lazy spring days. Cartwheels and staying out of the rain.

She who must be obeyed will say,

“A cuddle, yes please.
Splash at the beach, oooooh wee.
Hot weather makes my day.”


Gwendoline Francis

She goes to church but not to pray. Hello, the thesaurus is her bible.

Give her a book topic or committee and she’ll have her say.

A sherry a day never kept the doctor away. But a desire of travel ensured she saw much along the way.

A world of mystery, romance, history and indeed anything in a book.

She studies cryptic crosswords and makes patchwork quilts.

She paints pots, boards, boxes, jars, and more. Indeed anything near, she’s not a bore.

She’s had her grief but I’ll keep it brief. Loss of fingers, her son and soul mate.

Married 56 years, it was good for most.


Gwendoline and Eric Get Married

Without being soppy, her heart is full of love.

She rejoices in her time with family.

She laughs, she cries, but every now and then, she does need a good shove.

Health not always good, she’s given us some scares.

But she’s my mother, my mummy, my mum.

She’s your friend, sister, aunt or nan.

Her 80th is here, yes, it has come.

Thank you for helping us to celebrate her wonderful life.

A quick snap shot and you will see there hasn’t been much strife.

Just a life fulfilled, some spills, lots of thrills and you can thank her later for picking up the bill.


**To be read at the family celebrations


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