Social Media; 6 Ways to Increase Your Profile Online

For many industries, having a business with no online or social media presence, is like trying to run that business without the help of good employees.

Increasingly, your achievements, whether personal or business, are based on how well you are known through word of mouth mechanisms.

You are known through your brand, reputation and profile. And online, this translates to awareness generated by word of mouth through the social media platforms; either by you or your customers.

Aside from explaining who you are and helping your potential customers understand you, people like to know who you are and what you stand for.

Therefore increasing the information you share on the social media platforms about your business, in particular Facebook, will increase awareness about your business. You will no longer just be another face in the crowd.

And remember a picture speaks a thousand words.

We’ve previously mentioned how having an opinion online is a good thing. Using photos, information, quotes, testimonials and other elements will help you win the hearts of customers. It is very good for you and your search engine optimisation. People will find you.

Here’s 6 Ways to Increase Your Profile Online:

  1. Keep your About Me areas up to date, including ensuring your LinkedIn Company and Facebook Business Page short and long description sections are complete. Copy information from your website for consistency across all social media or online platforms.
    • Talking about About Me… do you have an About.Me account? It’s a free service acting like an online business card. Very useful.
  2. Use all Social Medias relevant to your customer or audience demographics. If LinkedIn or Facebook are the most relevant, work them. However, do consider others such as for example, if they are relevant to your public profile and gaining credibility.
    • Tip: You will need a public profile strategy to determine best platforms.
    • Hint: The only social media platform that is treated differently, is LinkedIn. Ask me why when we meet.
  3. Make sure your Long Description is just that. Long. You could even write a paragraph about each staff member/employee that customers will come into contact with and then further explain in detail whatever it is you sell or provide a service for. Make it keyword rich.
  4. (Alternatively) Use Facebook Notes area to include biographies about yourself and key staff members. On these note pages, use images and quotes to make them more visually appealing.  LinkedIn Company Pages now have “off-shoot sub-pages” where you can profile individuals.
  5. Use a Facebook Image Album to add more information about products, people and services. Each image uploaded should include a link back to your website for more information (ie use Facebook as a teaser). Include images on your LinkedIn Company page – and on your personal do this against each job listed like a portfolio (it may simply be a photo of you at a networking event).
  6. Use a Profile Photo that is reflective of the style of person you are. Make it friendly and approachable (hopefully you are!).

This is, in no way, an exhaustive list, and neither should it be. It is a first step.

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