Testimonial; Where does your competitive advantage come from?

I’ve connected socially for years through many business networks and the social media platforms online.


I love connecting and helping people excel in whatever it is they have set for their own journey. It was a delight therefore, to accept Joe Rossi’s invitation to join in the latest XPol discussion (Facebook link) and hear from Roland Roccioletti, Future Proof about social and emotional intelligence.

The title “The Power of Empathy” would be more aptly named “The Power of Giving Back”. We received the gift of learning and securing of knowledge in a friendly and welcoming environment. Roland’s obvious depth of experience and knowledge on the subject made the learning experience very enjoyable.
Intriguing is the fact Joe and I met through Facebook some time ago (and I am now attending his events) and prior to this event, Roland himself connected with each participant via LinkedIn. Whoever said business wasn’t done via the social medias is certainly living in the past.
Highly recommend you check Roland’s Future Proof work and look at future XPol events being run by Joe. I will be.
Charlie-Helen Robinson
PR, Website and Communications Independent Contractor

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