Business Network MeetUp; The Sanga 18 June 2014

Jim Manning, Business Consultant & WOWFM;

The exciting news in Jimbo’s world is the acceptance and release of his Football Federation, South Australia live stream footage to impressive online click stats that have other sporting groups now beating down his door to provide a similar service! You’ll see when you watch it too – there is scope for advertising! Get on it – he’s looking for sponsorship.

The 2014 Federation Cup game was live streamed by Jimbo and his crew to the delight of thousands who clicked and watched live – and have since replayed over and over…

For Jim this is old hat… as with all early adopters, it’s surprising that people are now only just catching up with what seems old hat or the norm to them. Time to bring it home – and home Jimbo will, as he has the equipment, the crew, the software and nouse to produce an exceptional result.

Very proud of him… and this!

Check it online:

2014 Federation Cup Final

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