Originally blogged: https://charlierobinson.wordpress.com/2014/08/14/radio-abc-891-14-august-2014-social-media-news/


  1. 3 Seconds is all it takes for a commercial to be watched or skipped. Use the seconds wisely. Ads be gone. Unless it’s fun and quirky and then hey…
  2. 15 Second videos are great if all you want to do is capture attention in a news feed (use Tout or Instagram)
  3. 30 – 45 Second videos are OK for a traditional commercial style video and you can say quite a bit in that time, but these days it’s a little bit “no-man’s land”.
  4. 120 Seconds is great for a full “key message” a statement
  5. 3 Minutes is perfect for a skit or educational piece, 3 sections – a statement intro and content can easily be achieved and doesn’t bore the viewer.
  6. 10 Minutes is acceptable for an ongoing story. This is where the YouTube personalities are kicking in.