Doorknocking | Fulham Gardens and Henley Beach

Battling today’s winds was my second challenge. The first that presented itself was finding a coffee shop suitable for mum to get too (I seriously had to get her out as she’s not been well in body and mind of late – needed her sea air).

We have gone to Henley Beach for fish and chips, coffee and/or a pub meal for years but this time, with mum getting weak she needed a park right at the front door. I was pushing my luck I know. We have the handicapped sign for the car which is a start but finding a handicapped park wasn’t easy. We were successful at Evida. Parked in behind the restaurant and made it. Phew.

Coffee finished, smiles all round, I got her home and settled and off I went flyer dropping and happy chatting.

This time I targeted Fulham Gardens, at the Henley Beach end; I walked a few streets and spoke to a few people outside but as it was a Sunday (day of rest), I didn’t push my luck. Just dropped my leaflets in the letterboxes. The people I did speak too were lovely. One commented he thought I was mad running for Council. I could be!

I’d love to help make a difference. I’m giving it my best shot. And the flowers couple with being outside spurred me on.

Favourite stop was meeting the ladies in the longest running Hardware store on Henley Beach Road. Another institution of the area!! Finished up for the day doing my usual shop in Henley Square where I ran into one of the residents again who quipped “Well, at least I know you are local”. A girls got to eat.

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