Questions to Charles Sturt Council Election Candidates

Do you believe that council should primarily concentrate on ‘roads, rubbish and rates’ or take on a much greater role?

I don’t believe Council only plays this role now, therefore my answer is no. Council offers great scope to voice and share the community spirit through events, environment and engagement of views.

If you believe in a greater role for council what would be your 4 highest priorities?

  1. Engagement to understand views for community development
  2. Encouraging community participation in art, culture and voice
  3. Providing mechanisms to reach a vast majority of people, including those isolated such as our elderly. I have noticed even during the election period it is difficult to reach all and hear all… there must be a better way. Our Council should aim to lead in this space to provide an inclusive community
  4. For Henley Ward – Participation in Tourism activities and promotions.

Would you like to see Charles Sturt and Adelaide take on a more European city character with a much greater emphasis on community development, public transport, cycling and creating natural opportunities for people to interact.

Depends which European city character? But sure, if that’s what the community wants, that’s what I’d help and encourage. My own goals have been noted as wanting to introduce art, music and culture as a way of life. Art galleries, wine festivals, beach days, family friendly afternoons, music, cultural and sporting events are all things I’d love to see MORE of. Henley is a great destination spot as a coastal community, therefore remember, in this, community safety would be utmost in my mind.

Do you believe that Council should be developing strategies to decrease or restrict the use of private transport in our city as a means of increasing the opportunities for enhancing neighbourhood life?

Yes and no. That’s a hard one. Henley is a destination spot, therefore people generally get to it by car. Of course, if a train or tram were to come somewhere close that would be great. Big expense in saying that. I wouldn’t want to be the one to detract from people coming – as this would have impact on local businesses.

Do you believe that Council should facilitate a far greater development of local voluntary groups to help enhance neighbourhood environments and civic life at the street or local community level as a means of improving the social life, community spirit, health and safety of residents?


Do you believe that climate change presents challenges to our city that Council should be dealing with now?

Don’t know enough about what they are and aren’t doing to be able to comment. Climate change is a global issue. I’d be surprised if they weren’t already doing “something”.

Do you believe that Council should have a program to encourage tree planting on public and private land to help cool the city of Charles Sturt during summer?

Yes. Why not work with or support many of the Not-For-Profits around already doing a lot of this work such as “Trees for Life”?

Do you believe that Council has a role to play in making all buildings in the city of Charles Sturt both current and future more energy efficient?

Of course. Within budget.

Do you believe that the Council should have a plan for a zero or low carbon city of Charles Sturt?

Of course. Most corporate these days have targets. I see a Council as no different.

Do you believe that the Council should have a plan to increase the use of renewable energy in the city of Charles Sturt?

Of course. If they can get to it. Most energy is transmitted but ElectraNet and distributed by SAPN, so at a Council level it’s hard to dictate what energy is used. If they put a wind farm of the coast for their own use, perhaps they would have a say but until that day happens, I think it’s a good idea but might be hard to introduce.

That said, it’s great to see the many homes and businesses who have started using solar panels. This is certainly something that can be encouraged.

Do you believe that the owners of coastal dwellings in the city of Charles Sturt bear the cost of protecting their dwellings from sea level rise?

I believe we all have a part to play in where we live. Sea level rise would be an environmental issue of that specific area.

If you would like to add comments or priorities please do so.

If I have left any elements needing clarification, please email me. Alternatively, I have written many blog articles on my website that are for general viewing – they also include questions from other organisations like yours where you may get a fuller understanding of my views.

I appreciate you asking the questions.

Thank you.

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