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Not a favourite topic. But one we need to remain aware of – either to protect ourselves or to protect and look out for our friends. It’s known that more bullying happens on Facebook than any other platform – but it can find you anywhere that humans hang.

The main things to remember are:

  • Cyber bullying can be a crime
  • If you’re being cyber bullied, there are things you can do to protect yourself.

What to do:

  1. Keep calm
    1. Remember all your breathing techniques… the good old “breathe it out” is perfect for this.
    2. Don’t let another’s opinion of you shape your world. You know what’s right and what is not.
  2. Talk to someone
    1. Get perspective of the situation from a trusted friend or colleague (if they are in PR managing reputations, even better).
    2. Keep it confidential but have them monitor from “afar” ie they don’t get involved but they become a silent witness.
  3. Record evidence
    1. Always a must. Use the screenshot function on your mobile phone for instant records. Use the “snipping tool” application on your desktop.
    2. Save the evidence in at least 2 separate places. Don’t just leave it on your phone. Download it to your desktop, email it to your trusted friend or save it to an external hard-drive. In other words, back it up.
  4. Ask the person to delete it
    1. This can “sometimes” work. But not often. It’s good to politely ask once. Then stop responding. Let them go no matter now how often they try and jibe you.
  5. Block
    1. OK, so they don’t stop jibing. Block them. At least then you don’t need to see it.
    2. There are special considerations if you manage a Facebook page here – you must block them from your business pages first, prior to blocking them from your profile. This is an extreme move – but in some instances warranted.
  6. Apply for a protection order by reporting it to the police. Follow their lead.

Remember, what a bully does to you says more about them, than it does about you.

Vape. Suck it up.

The Oxford Dictionaries 2014 word of the year has arrived. And that word is… vape. As in “I vape so hard I grew a robot lung, bro.” From:

Last year, the word of the year was selfie, describing the creation of a self-portrait usually taken with a smart or mobile phone. Vape was chosen due to the rise of e-cigarettes. It seems it’s used a lot, ranging from people loving it, to those of us having countless debates over the safety and health implications of using the devices long term.

Is there a theme emerging? The term selfies has been deemed controversial for the psychological side effects, and now we have Vape.


How many tweets can we generate from a tough situation? It’s one thing humans do – out of adversary comes a stack of humour. Turning an afternoon of bad news into comments such as “Bananas in Hessian Sacks” or “3 corners” certainly make us smile. Even if for only a moment as the gravity of the situation kicks in.

Facebook Groups.

As in go to and download the app and manage our group interactions using it.

All your Facebook Groups are in the one place to manage.

Love it. New service. Off I went to play. It’s good, lovely interface, easy on the eye, simple to navigate. Only limitation was perhaps the interface with the real Facebook. It felt a little disconnected. I’m sure that will be fixed over time.

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