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For online listeners; here’s my MP3 ABC Radio Segment Collection

Facecast: The One Thing

ABC News has introduced a social media newcast on Facebook hosted by the “World News Tonight” Anchor David Muir. Called Facecast; The One Thing, it airs daily on Facebook only as a summary of news of interest to this audience as well as trending topics via a behind the scenes shot at the ABC News headquarters in New York City.

Given Facebook is all about staying relevant in the newsfeed, this is an ideal strategy for this audience. All we need now is for the Australian equivalent.

Michael Smyth are you up for the challenge to create the Australian version?


Staying in the Newsfeed

It’s the one thing on everyone’s mind. Facebook have been changing their algorythms at a fast pace of late. There have been more changes we know – and their impact is still filtering down. As a general rule if you follow the basics you will be fine.
  1. Keep your content relevant
  2. Know what times work for your audience
  3. Sometimes less is more but keep it visual

And the new consideration for when “boosting” (to help reach even more people) is to consider how quickly a post is engaged with. If quickly, hit boost. If slow go but still going and going and going… hit boost. If nothing happens much, don’t waste your money.


Reporting Trolls

It’s becoming easier. Twitter have now announced the ability to report abusive tweets. You can flag a misbehaving account for review.

– Twitter Support (@support) Dec 2 2014


The other curious development is the government also announcing they are cracking down on Twitter and Facebook style trolls via a new bill called “Enhancing Online Safety for Children Bill 2014” introduced that could see offenders with up to $17,000 fines. Whether our jurisdiction has any legislation over an American service is yet to be tested in light of these assertions.

Time will tell.


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