With Michael Smyth


For online listeners; here’s my MP3 ABC Radio Segment Collection

The year review and Christmas:

Predictions for 2015

Get your SEO sorted. Get your online profile singing. Use the services likeAbout.Me to share your contact details if you are in business. This is not the time for laziness.

Call me on 0424644624 if you need help. Book me for a mentoring session over the break.


Michael also specially asked about my Microvolunteering project (which was lovely) Here’s a summary – and linked to more info:


The Oldies Media Aware Study (#omasunisa) explores the growing use of online technologies that specifically benefit the older generation. In this theme, the older generation being greater than 60 years old ie eligible for retirement. In particular, ways forward to support and encourage connections between our older generation via various online platforms for them to thrive.

Micro-volunteering describes a task done by a volunteer, or a team of volunteers, without payment, online via an internetconnected device. Giving spare time to good causes allows for volunteers to give easily and on their own terms (and time). The concept is  gaining momentum and has opened up a communication channel between volunteers, research bodies (such as universities), charities and companies which could potentially shape the future of volunteering in years to come.


New Instagram Filters

Instagram has new filters; Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua (they’ll make our christmas food look even better!)


Moments on Twitter

You know you’ve had a big year when there are too many hashtags to mention a couple and the list grows and grows. Some of the more memorable:

#oscars (creating the infamous #oscarselfie that I personally love)

  1. #MH17
  2. #RIPRobinWilliams
  3. #IceBucketChallenge
  4. #PhotoshopRF (Roger Federer’s fans took him on a virtual tour of the best of India.)
  5. #UmbrellaRevolution (Hong Kong citizens took to the streets to protest their government’s decision on electoral reform.)
  6. #RoyalTweets (as in the Queen tweets for the first time)
  7. #PutOutYourBats (Fans pay their respects for Australian cricket player Phil Hughes with a simple, powerful gesture.

And in the week that was… #illridewithyou and #sydneysiege

Trending worldwide; there were a few moments of “what not to do in a crisis on the social medias ie jump in too quick to comment”

7 Tips when major news hits:

  1. Follow credible media outlets (like ABC)
  2. Immediate news is generally wrong (it seems)… wait and get real facts (after they’ve had time to confirm)
  3. Compare multiple sources – big news brings out the fakers and photoshoppers
  4. Don’t speculate
  5. Don’t take selfies at the news scene
  6. Only then start retweeting or sharing on Facebook
  7. AND **it’s the “take a deep breath” scenario… breathe before you post.


Merry Christmas! I’ll be back in 2015.

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