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Social media birthday’s

There seems this whole new etiquette around social media and the celebration of our birthday. It’s true, it’s an easy way to stay in touch with people, like networking on an annual basis. But let’s face it, Facebook has always struggled with the overwhelming volume of birthday posts if you get more than 50 or so… I’ve always got well over 100 and many start hiding behind a collated list, leaving me incapable to reply (which is kinda rude). Anyway, I was intrigued this year that Facebook now present to you a list with all your wall messages (problem was, it only picked up 9 of mine). At least they are trying?

My example:


LinkedIn always seems to do well in this space… providing auto messages for birthdays, new jobs, new pictures etc that you can simply click and send… a good one for the busy business person. Let’s not let that practice get too impersonal though?

SA Fires – social media hits and misses

– My personal opinion is that there were too many Facebook pages that started up and this lead to confusion like “where does the community turn?” There was a lot of day to day stuff, immediate needs, met by these Facebook pages, however because of this I have started a register for communicators interested in helping out in a crisis as a lot of the pages were managed by regular community members who didn’t really understand how to manage a Facebook page (although they learnt fast). Hopefully the support the professional community communicators register can provide will ease this next time (hopefully there isn’t a next time though?).

When I started this concept there was also no way for a communicator to volunteer “officially” – and this experience is a direct result of my personal experience on the first Saturday when I started helping the Sampson Flat Facebook page – which saw impressive stats and reached over 1.5million views. One of my own posts, reached 125,000 views within 24 hours, and 2400 likes. This is big stuff.

I would like to congratulate the fantastic news service provided by ABC, CFS and SAPOL. The Community Centres also did a stellar job (still are). The outcome though SA Community Database should be picked up by “someone“… started via Facebook and has been a godsend to many. My personal opinion is there is a gap in central co-ordination of these community start ups and I feel the Community Communicators could pick up this role.

Here’s some of the stuff that was started:

The Doc:

UPDATE: I have been contacted by CEO of Volunteering SA who is interested in receiving this information and asked to contact the ABC's emergency relief communicator #goodnews

On a lighter note re the fires:

– Reaching the global stage was social media doing good for the creation of the koala mittens (perhaps to good though?). It’s had a good outcome in that they are being redistributed to other areas for good use.

Facebook privacy – We revisit how to secure your friends list to stop those pesky scammers (fake profiles on the rise again). On Facebook, click on your friends list. Right hand side, click on the edit tool. In here simply select the “Edit privacy” setting and change to “only me”. Easy. Who else needs to see your friends list anyway?

Kids on SnapChat – or any chat. Mums and dads, just be mindful of your response to them rather than needing to fully understanding all the apps and stopping them. Keep an open dialogue with your child about the service they have started using, question who they are making friends with ie do you know them etc.

Latest Selfie Stick News – the “belfie” aka taking pictures of your bottom (seriously) and do you need to take a selfie course? Happy to provide instructions for listeners how to take selfies – but not of their bottoms.



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