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2015 Facebook Awards

  1. Have you entered?
  2. Will you enter?
  3. Who does Adelaide “think” should enter?

Entries are open:

Hop to it. I’ll be watching in anticipation. Love the new category for social good!

PDA’s please stay home and have a great day.

Saturday’s Valentine’s Day will be exciting for many and no so for others. It is known that over *one million people changed their Facebook relationship status within four days of VDay. wOw. It’s not all good stuff though, ie from single to engaged or married, some of it was back to single. The simple pleasures are demonstrated by around *3.6million uses of the “heart: emoticon eg ❤  * Source: Facebook

Three things to remember on the day:

  1. Use the grandma rule (can you show her?)
  2. Focus on your partner (don’t Instagram your food)
  3. Don’t take a first date selfie (unless … no, no, really, don’t).

Original Content

This is a biggie at the moment. News outlets have apparently been complaining to Google about their rankings dropping. It all boils down to “where is the original source of the material?

Original content is what Google praises. It has ways.

You can read an interesting article here, called “What news can do for Google (and itself).

This article, and the one after if you dig deeper… pose issues and a philosophical debate about who’s responsibility is it anyway? The following questions for consideration, firstly by news outlets to better feed content into Google, but also secondly, for all of us:

  • What does it mean to be an informed member of a community?
  • What information do communities need?
  • What information already exists in a community? How can members of a community share information with each other more effectively?
  • How can this information be made accessible and useful (a Google specialty)?
  • How can this information be vetted? What signals of authority and originality can help? (And when is editing needed?)
  • What is missing? What questions are not being answered? What questions are not being asked? Who in authority needs watching? Who in the public needs protection? Whose voices are not heard? (That is, when is reporting required?)

In the meantime while we ponder, and the tech-geek-brains work that out… here are three simple ways to make sure you get good results from Google yourself. (Michael, yes SEO or search engine optimisation really just means Google, it’s become that common):

  1. Feed Google frequently. This means original content on your website, popular social media posts and the like.
  2. Keep your content relevant and loved. Your original content should cover topics that are similar to each other eg categories, or keywords. This also means Facebook status posts and Tweets – include your keywords. The more these are used (not spammy), the more Google will recognise you as the one to follow about that topic.
  3. Make sure it’s original. It’s great to see an article and share a quote and talk around it… in essence feeding Google with content needed in point #1. But you won’t get the good credit from Google by doing this.

Facebook Call to Action Button


Page admins can select from a group of call-to-action buttons — like Shop Now or Sign Up — to add to the top of their Page. The seven calls to action available are:
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Excellent progress by Facebook! Tainted with “do people really land on your Facebook page anyway or do they only see stuff in the newsfeed? Good to have but don’t expect miracles.


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