Sorrel rum punch @unearthingwine sounds divine!

Cooking for the Sensitive Gut

I have been on the move. I spent the best part of November and December in New Zealand, visiting relatives and travelling around both the North and South Islands. I loved every minute of it. We only made it as far as Christchurch on the South Island and vowed to return.

I am back in the UK now and ready to start posting again. I have quite a busy work schedule over the next few months but I am not going to let that stop me adding to this blog as as and when I can. This post is just in time for New Year’s eve. The spice mix was sent to me to try by my friends at Seasoned Pioneers. I love the colour and it makes a great festive non alcoholic cocktail which should not upset anyone with a delicate post Christmas gut.

Don’t be tempted to sweeten…

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