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What do you consider when you create your own hashtag? In particular for business, events and weddings. And why is it important (more than ever now) to tag tweets etc…

For one, Twitter has announced it new service, Curator.

Twitter said, “As it gets more aggressive about growth, Twitter wants to be useful to just about everyone — including the media. With Curator, Twitter expands into a space occupied by businesses such as Storify, the platform that lets users search and share social media updates and online stories. Curator, a tool the company unveiled last week, makes it easier for media outlets to figure out which topics are popular and where. News organizations can also use a search function to sift through tweets, vines and data, with filters so granular, they can narrow things down by location, word count, the feelings expressed in the tweet, and even whether tweets were sent from an iPhone or Android device.”

But keep your hashtags catchy, short and clear and loose out big time.

Consider upper and lower case. Short sentences but don’t forget it needs to ben retweetable and memorable.

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Research
  3. Promote
  4. Monitor.

Four words that will serve you well in the creation of your next hashtag for one of the six platforms using them:

  1. Pinterest (yes)
  2. Facebook (to a lesser degree)
  3. Twitter (a must)
  4. Instagram (a must indeed)
  5. Tumblr (yes)
  6. Google+ (if you want).

Hashtag land is becoming a unique place to visit.


**Listener question in relation to Instagram – yes you can use images snapped directly within Instagram or suck in from your own gallery of images.

**Facetune is a new app for making your photos look better – ie I lost all my wrinkles.

Then, let’s talk developments on Twitter and Facebook:

Twitter now shares a tweet like Facebook allowing you to add a comment first….

And on Facebook, you are now only “interested” in attending events, not necessarily “attending”.


And then there’s this (eek scary):

Really not sure what to say about it yet but OMGosh, the courts are taking over Facebook?

In all seriousness, the ex-husband has no fixed address or place of employment and the wife could prove that this Facebook page did belong to him. The judge ruled in her favour. Divorce served.


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