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Barack Obama’s new Twitter account @Potus and the banter he’s been having with Bill Clinton. No joke on him – he amassed a million followers in five hours! He’s not shy of new media experiments, famously conducting a live Google+ Hangout in 2012 – it was the first online conversation to happen at the White House in real time — ever.

He has previously tweeted using the White House account, signing with -bo (did someone point out the humour in that?)

“Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account,” Obama tweeted from his verified @POTUS account.

When his time in office is done, the @POTUS handle will be available for future presidents to use, the White House said.

Of course there’s also:

  • First Lady Michelle Obama: @FLOTUS

Let’s remember the good stuff.

To quote Anna Scott, Pecha Adelaide Founder: “I’d like to take a moment to give “big ups” to all the successful, up-and-coming, people in high places, business people, mayors, pollies etc who engage in Social Media with a sense of humour, offering up their authentic personalities as well as informing us about their passions, sales, information or other interests and community contacts. I know (of) too many who take themselves WAY too seriously to enjoy sharing their content and information via Social Media.

Reminds me of the James Blunt response tweets that have started to be copied as parodies everywhere; if you can’t beat them, make them look like the idiots they are in a very funny way and we all talk about it for years.

No Fail Whale, It’s All Hail Twitter

Did you realize that when managed correctly, Twitter could be used to run a small town? This tiny Spanish town uses Twitter to run everything, and its working. José Antonio Rodriguez Salas, is mayor of the small town of Jun in Granada, Spain. @JoseantonioJun with Population 3500.

“The Spanish, and in general people from the Latin world, do not known how to complain effectively. When we have a problem we usually go to the nearest bar and grumble about the mayor or president, but the problem remains. Thanks to Twitter, people can complain directly, which helps us grow as politicians.”

This tiny Spanish town uses Twitter to run everything, and it’s working

Social good and social learning; we learn from each other to improve our world and most importantly our immediate surrounds.

Vine. YouTube. Instagram.

Can you get it done in a 6 second cover (@sixsecondcover)… as in also videos are the big thing and they come of age with the 10 year alphabetic celebration by YouTube.

YouTube is 10 years old, and they are celebrating for 26 days using the letters of the alphabet via their blog. On April 23, 2005, history was made. An 18-second clip about how cool elephants are was shot at the San Diego Zoo and uploaded to a then-private video sharing site called YouTube. The rest as they say is history. And a lot of footage.

9 Most Famous Social Media Personalities

  1. Tyler Oakley – YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr
  2. Nigahiga – YouTube
  3. Jenna Marbles – YouTube
  4. Pewdiepie – YouTube
  5. King Bach – Vine, Instagram
  6. Nash Grier – Vine, Instagram
  7. Bo Burnham – YouTube
  8. Jerome Jarre – Vine
  9. Zach King – Vine


And our favourite topic “selfies” – I have a new one. An alarm clock app that takes ‘I woke up like this’ selfies to a whole new level.

This alarm clock app takes ‘I woke up like this’ selfies to a whole new level

This alarm clock app takes ‘I woke up like this’ selfies to a whole new level. The app, Snap Me Up is only on Android and functions as an alarm clock that can only be disabled by taking a selfie. “I just woke up” faces you’ll have to share with your friends and on your social media pages. Imagine a good-morning text before work. Snap Me Up really takes the “constantly there” idea of modern technology and social media a little too far.

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