Growing Socially Thank You

It is a joy to be blessed with healthy strong connections across the social media and networking environments I personally enjoy. I have recalculated my figures as at 3 June 2015 and it’s wonderful to see my network growing – and this, in part, could be due to the articles and blogs I have been publishing and sharing from my own website or my ABC891 Radio Social Media Commentary. My audience is becoming broader. Which is great! Thank you and welcome.

The complete set of stats/numbers are listed below.

What do your stats look like? Is it important to you?

Having stated that question, I am personally more engaged with having conversations and don’t generally focus on numbers but I do know many others have this in their mindset. I am also, in the main, focused on a set group of social media platforms. While many complicate by encouraging a wide raft of social media tools and services (many of which I test and try), my day to day work sits across the five key platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. This list is presented in alphabetical order – however it also sums up my attention and focus in order of priority!

Thank you for being connected.

As at 3 June 2015

  • Facebook Profile Friend Connections = 1511
  • Facebook Profile Followers = 169
  • Facebook Charlie-Helen Robinson Business Page = 800
  • Facebook Unearthing Wine Group = 223
  • Facebook Microvolunteering Group = 31
  • Facebook Australian Carer Group = 32
  • Instagram Followers = 629
  • LinkedIn Connections = 1700+
  • Pinterest Followers = 884
  • Twitter Followers = 2269

Klout Score = 67

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