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Chaos theory.

Facebook’s newsfeed just became more animated.gif (it’s an “oh-no” moment).

Article share:

Why do this when they want to be a newspaper (meaning 1000 word articles with a nice clean uncluttered interface)?

Why would they enter the world of quick spammy buzzy newfeed territory?

Or have they just thrown their hands in the air and decided to “join the crowd”?

Let’s do this. Let’s join the .gif party.

So, where you can get good ones (gifs)?

Well, there’s Buzzfeed. Tumblr. Or maybe

Newspaper reference from this story:


Is your Facebook page dead? Everyone is converting to groups. What will business do? Will you and how do you maintain a group? Start conversations or sell stuff? Facebook provides the ways and means to keep you going.

And, we’ve talked “Clear “, but now let’s talk SimpleWash – for a Facebook clean up. It doesn’t like wine? It won’t survive in South Australia!

In their own words:

Why to Use SimpleWash

You spent the last four years being a college kid. That’s wonderful, but a lot can happen in four years. The internet never forgets. You’ve partied, you’ve befriended some questionable characters, and you’ve posted things meant only for friends. Heck, you just lived your life and did your thing – and now, you’ve got the posts and pics to show it.

Do you have the time, energy or robotic perfection to hunt down all those little details that may not be okay to show grandma or your new boss? No! And even if you just said, “Yes!”, you’re wrong. These things creep into the corners of the internet and lie in wait for the day you decide to BECOME A PROFESSIONAL.

GROW UP! Let us help you with the transition from ‘21st birthday’ to ‘Business Causal’ with SimpleWash™. Wash away all those dirty jokes and beer talk, those late night snapshots, those forgotten “likes.” Keep track of all the dirt and grime that attaches to your internet identity and make you STAY FRESH.


Feeding Twitter – Twitter Jukebox! Let’s autospam all our friends on Twitter (and Facebook if you are that keen), at the same time, in one easy step!! Can you tell I don’t like? But I have signed up to test. Funnily, I’ve been contacted by a bunch of old global networking contacts since joining this service. They must think I’m awake?

Online Profiles

OK, so we have “break the internet” and break world records. Or we have both.

Quote: A new social media record as Caitlyn Jenner debuts on Twitter, setting a record for the fastest time to reach one million followers. The former record-breaking Olympic decathlete and reality TV star has broken a record recently set by Barack Obama’s @POTUS account.

Article reference:

To, what the heck? Let’s just disappear overnight and create a new one! 1975 demonstrate. Why did they do that? Waiting for the next chapter to work that out. I suspect they are relaunching.

Are you serious that it’s time to go? OK, here’s how:

Google SEO – the new flavour of the month – again!

  1. Feed Google frequently. This means original content on your website, popular social media posts and the like.
  2. Keep your content relevant and loved. Your original content should cover topics that are similar to each other eg categories, or keywords. This also means Facebook status posts and Tweets – include your keywords. The more these are used (not spammy), the more Google will recognise you as the one to follow about that topic.
  3. Make sure it’s original. It’s great to see an article and share a quote and talk around it… in essence feeding Google with content needed in point #1. But you won’t get the good credit from Google by doing this.

And finally – in more exciting news – my latest paper has been published!

Title: “Unearthing” Engaging Business Students in Creative Learning Through the Use of Social Media.

Authors: Ron Corso, Charlie-Helen Robinson.

Keywords: social learning, social media, creativity, business, education.

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