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Take my blood. And txt me.

Blood donors in Sweden get a text message whenever their blood saves someone’s life. A txt to reward for giving blood. I find it creepy, others see it as life saving. Comments from my Facebook engagement include:

Claudia Hall Christian, said “I think it’s awesome! Only 5% of the US population donates blood. I’d bet more people would do it if they sent emails like this. My blood is A+ which I was told wasn’t needed. So there’s that too.”

Ella York, said “Thinking about all the research behind people obsessively checking facebook and other messages, I actually think this is a really useful tool. Yes, it is communication overkill but it is also giving people a sense of reward for doing something ethical and otherwise selfless. Donors get a bit of gratification via text. I’d rather that than other alternatives.”

What’s your verdict?

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Screenshot 2015-06-12 at 11_23_06 AMInstagram food art just got more creative

Article quote: “Instagram is a great place for foodies. Among dogs, vacations, and babies, attractive pictures of food are just one of those things that are guaranteed to get likes. ”

Here’s Samantha Lee’s awesome #foodie art on Instagram

Instagram is taking us on a journey of community creativity. -Charlie

The most unexpected outcomes arrive via our screens each day.

I personally created the “instagram random word game” a few years back for our student engagement work at the University of SA to stimulate creative thought – that was rediscovered a few weeks ago, getting over 400 views in a single day via my blog… it seems people are really intrigued with how a visual medium can stimulate new ideas. People are playing and when people play – new ideas emerge. This is a good sign.

Read more about the game:

Figure1 on Instagram – there is also the Figure1 online app service for health professionals and doctors… be warned when following, it may turn your stomach! Doctors are collaborating and learning from each other through the imagery presented! This is medical book stuff.

Twitter for twits?

No apologies,  I still wonder, in all honesty, just how much engagement really happens on Twitter. I am the defined demographic who is always going to be challenged by this platform, so I feel comfortable in my assertions that this is all just a news feed that floats on by…

I posed the following question:

How many people read tweets? Do you read tweets, or just tweet. If you just tweet, what’s the point? Lets tweet each other #tweetfan

I got one response. Quote:

I use it as a diary of thoughts.

My case rests.


OK. I gave in on air and went on to explain how there are two types of Twitter users – those who use it like a chat room and those who use it like a search engine to find and source articles of relevance. Two distinct demographics.

**We also chatted about the new 10,000 character direct message Twitter is handing to us around July. It will be really interesting to see how commercial or consumer brands pick this feature up for use, however i can see it would be handy for those companies already using Twitter as one of their customer service mechanisms. 

Good news, as long we don’t start spamming.

General social media – elections.

“After Barack Obama proved how powerful the marriage of social media and data analysis can be in both of his presidential runs, digital efforts have become a vital aspect of running for any office.”

With the election coming up – I’m curious to see how the social media will play out in 2016. Generally Facebook provide election pages and stats and follower information. They’ve also previously had the “I’ve voted” buttons. I’ll be watching to see what they come up with this time!

What’s your verdict?

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The Cheat Sheet

But is this a run for presidency – or the most popular social media personality?

Hey, I wonder if they will use #selfiesticks?

Hilary gets jiggy with it…

Obama addresses his haters (#funny if you haven’t already seen it – do yourself a favor)

SkyNews and Journalists

Now, speaking of #selfiesticks – did you see SkyNews reporters are using selfiesticks with their Smart Phones to lodge stories?


And speaking of sky stuff, space sending Tweets? Houston… did you just land on 67P??

@Philae2014 Hello earth, can you hear me?

But if it was sent from earth 10 years ago – how did it start tweeting?

What’s your verdict?

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Little bonus link is Robert Scoble’s Facebook List:

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