Social Media; 6 Ways to Increase Your Profile Online


Charlie-Helen Robinson

For many industries, having a business with no online or social media presence, is like trying to run that business without the help of good employees.

Increasingly, your achievements, whether personal or business, are based on how well you are known through word of mouth mechanisms.

You are known through your brand, reputation and profile. And online, this translates to awareness generated by word of mouth through the social media platforms; either by you or your customers.

Aside from explaining who you are and helping your potential customers understand you, people like to know who you are and what you stand for.

Therefore increasing the information you share on the social media platforms about your business, in particular Facebook, will increase awareness about your business. You will no longer just be another face in the crowd.

And remember a picture speaks a thousand words.

We’ve previously mentioned how having…

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