Hundreds of older South Australians are getting physical

Work share the pictures from their gym launches … or rather “Health and Wellness Centres”. It was a great, albeit very busy, week.

Healthy Active Ageing

Photo galleries from the individual launch events are available via each centres links:

1.    Philip Kennedy Centre: health-and-wellness-centre-philip-kennedy-centre/

2.    The Pines: health-and-wellness-centre-the-pines/

3.    Bellevue Court: health-and-wellness-centre-bellevue-court/

4.    Bucklands: health-and-wellness-centre-bucklands/

5.    Lourdes Valley: health-and-wellness-centre-lourdes-valley/

6.    Mt Carmel: health-and-wellness-centre-mt-carmel/ 

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2 thoughts on “Hundreds of older South Australians are getting physical

  1. Charlie

    Are you advertising this group? And are they centres with programs approved by Cota?

    This is the next market target of the “fitness” industry the only stipulation is that should have professional medical advice before embarking on a exercise program.

    Must catch up one day – maybe around this and other health issues. (How is your neck etc?)

    Regards, Tony.


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