With Michael Smyth.

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Story #1 Facebook

Memories, Mentions and Moments… we spoke about “M” a few weeks back being a new service for Facebook (concierge style stuff) however this “M” theme just keeps keeping on!

Here’s what they are and how to use them:


The “On this day” service gets a tweak to make sure you don’t see what you don’t want to see; like your ex. Big catch – it’s only if they are a listed friend? It’s been around since March 2015 and Facebook have learnt they don’t want to see pictures of their ex – or from sad days. Now you can control what you see, people and dates, through preferences. and select ‘preferences’ in the top right hand corner. You can also adjust whether you receive notifications about this on a daily basis from here too.


The twitter like verified blue tick account (we’ve talked this one before – there is an application form etc now). However, more and more I’m seeing it being used as a live publishing tool: eg if you follow a guy called Scott Monty in the states – well he uses it for his weekly blog newsletter.

It is only available for the prominent -> journalists, musicians, actors and athletes, etc (again).

It shares across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one hit.

Perhaps try the #authenticsocial hashtag being driven out by “Your Social Village” instead? ie if you don’t cut the mustard?


A new app by Facebook? Unlike Messenger, the introduction of this one has been swift. It collates images to be used as a set on Facebook and elsewhere – like mine which I shared to my own blog (wordpress). This one is gaining traction (as in my novice friends are using it more than me?).

Very simple interface into your photos and collates via event, people or places of images using some very sleek background logic for facial recognition etc, integrating well with other social media platforms, like WordPress for blogging.

Seeing more integration from all angles – even shopping. Facebook is supporting a new tool called Canvas. Stay tuned.

Story #2 Twitter

Web users will be able to upload video directly to Twitter and mobile users can record a video directly in the app.

There are three ways to share videos:

  1. Record: You can record, edit and share videos from the Twitter app (Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android OS 4.1 and higher).
  2. Import: If you use the Twitter for iPhone or iPad app, you can import videos from your device.
  3. Upload: You can upload videos to


  • As with photos, only approved followers can view your videos.
  • Currently only support MP4 and MOV video formats on mobile apps.

Story #3 YouTube

red-launch-red_2-e1445448453965Coming to YouTube: Videos you’ll need to pay to see.

Or rather, videos you can pay to see without ads! For $9.99 per month America can view their videos on a new platform called YouTube Red.

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