My Daughter!

“And… she’s off…”

Little Miss Photography

Hello from me! Welcome to Little Miss Photography.

As the title suggests, this is my first ever blog.

My writing has never been great, when I was younger I always got put into the low levels of reading, writing, and maths, you name it. But bare with me because over the years I have worked hard to improve my skills, and with my mum as an editor, I’m learning.

My brain has always worked creatively.

I love music, drama and especially photography. Creative stuff!

This blog is a place for me to showcase my photographs and express my thoughts and my idea processes.

I tend to label myself as a ‘photographer in training’ as I am still young and learning.

I live in Adelaide;  famous for being the ‘city of churches’, and giving our ‘key to the city’ to Cher who then proceeded to sell it on Ebay. If you’ve ever been…

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