The hidden impact of lifestyle changes are noticeable in the diet

The journey that started with “The hidden cost of becoming a sudden carer is more than just emotional
Is more like a playground
Is more revealing than expected
of not caring with dignity and it being a stop start stalling affair started to settle down with it growing on you. However, today, we continue.

I thought it was too good to be true!

In all honesty, it is probably the best sign mum is in a much better place if she is complaining about her food? Let’s face it, she’s never been shy of a good feed. She LOVES her food. In fact, I grew up in a household which served big English feasts of stews, fry-ups, and roasts with lashings of vegetables and fruits for dessert. During summer her most cherished “feast” was an Australian adopted delight which she made frequently – the watermelon salad. She included mint and spring onions from the garden and we would sit after the meal had finished and eat the bowl clean. Her love for food has been her life. Well, until she got the point she had to have someone else cook for her. Living independently you can supplement the main meals with your lashings of fruit via the shopping lady (or your daughter).

Not so easy when you live in a residential home.

It seems the time has come to investigate for myself. 

I have been trying to get my head wrapped around what my mum is eating, as there seems a disconnect between what she feels she’s getting fed and what the kitchen offers. As in, she’s not often thrilled by the offerings and sends food back (which is very unlike my food loving mum). Some of the offerings I have personally witnessed have left a fair bit to be desired but I am willing to accept Ive always caught the easy day ie the meat pie with sauce and there are better days.

So. Formal processes have been followed after mum complained and I have been given their menu.

As an experiment, I’ve decided to research the recipes and then make them for myself. I’m going to start trying the recipes from this weekend. The recipes I have researched to date don’t sound too bad – I am thinking my mother’s issue is more the fact they use frozen vegetables and package delights – nothing seems freshly cooked. When you hear stories like the fish cake arrived square and a mother who declared “when did fish come out of the ocean square?”, you know as her carer you need to investigate.

My mother is currently composing a letter to Maggie Beer – bless her!! And of course, as her painting buddy is Jay Weaherill’s mum, she feels she has a voice on her side.

I have never been a person to quieten another’s voice. And why should I? But I like to understand.

The caring journey continues!

Recipes to kick us off: (with bacon, not avocado)

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