A few poems from mum

As a result of sharing with mum information about the Writer’s Group I have started at work, she immediately leapt at the opportunity to start writing her own prose.

While some of the words trouble me (and you too may feel worried about her words), I am more interested in the resulting comments from her along the lines of “it’s got me thinking and I sit here all afternoon working out words which rhyme with each other“.

My mother has always loved a challenge and she loves writing and reading. Yes, she is getting grumpy about things and she has always been a massive foodie (where do you think I get it from)… but the aged care facility assures me all meals are industry standard.

The poems are what they are – her thoughts in tinkering rhythms.

Ah, my day

I’m sure I could dance

If they gave me half a chance.

I want to kick up my heels

Or do some Scottish reels.

I don’t want my knitting

I’m sick and tired of sitting.

I like playing cards and Bingo

But some of them are slow.

Some carers are worse

I can’t find my purse.

Where oh where’s my walker?

Oh well, I am a good talker.

Discussion groups are great

I like a good debate.

The talk is all about Bowels

Back ache and towels.


My teeth

In a glass upon the shelf

Grinning in the water

Waiting for a carer

Someone really ought-er

Put a tablet in the water

Or brush the stains off

With a tube of Colgate.

Keep them white and shining

Ready for the morning.



The dinner looks so lovely

arranged upon the plate.

There’s beans and carrots

once again, no gravy and it’s late.

When we arrive, no cutlery

Icecream melting on the table.

Meat is tough, no coleslaw

Eat it if you’re able.

Fifteen minutes chewing

Doesn’t leave a dent.

Spit it out and eat the veg

Now the fork is bent.

Try the sweets, same again

Chocolate moose or custard.

Perhaps some salt and pepper

Too much to ask for.

Coffee or tea

No ones got time to make it.

Don’t fret about the food

Cutting down will do us good.


Write up about my Writer’s Group here: http://www.acctv.co/au/newsroom/greatcarestory-two-around-australia-9/

More information here: https://southerncrosscare.com.au/writer-s-group

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