Facebook “We’re Live”; 3 Practical Tips

Facebook Live; Video Streaming

Testing testing 1,2,3.

The official tips for using Facebook Live are here: facebook.com/facebookmedia/best-practices/live

Live lets you connect with the people who care. ~Facebook

Your followers receive notifications when you go live so they know to tune in to your broadcasts. The live broadcast then hits the newsfeed and people can watch the recording after it has effectively finished being ‘live’.

The recording ends up in your video album, eg like mine: facebook.com/unearthingonline/videos

There are a million and one reasons why we love live however keeping your brand in check and on point is still crucial. You need to consider all the usual social media style questions you ask yourself about any other service, like “why do I need it and how will it enhance my reputation?”.

For me? I’m known as being an explorer and early adopter – and generally the one who figures it out for the rest of the pack. My “first ever” was completed via my personal profile, and I used my wine group to test the Pages function. I’m “on point with my brand”. Phew. You can view the “this is a test” here: https://www.facebook.com/unearthingwine/videos/

Mind you, the #winelovers digged me about it all night – then when we tried to do another live later, it turned out the room was too dark.

So, here’s 3 Practical Tips to Use Live; Consider, Check and Collaborate

  1. Consider what you are going to say BEFORE you go live – even if you are only live for one minute, that’s still quite a few “ummms” to annoy your audience with. Don’t do it scripted, but have a strategy or considered elements to cover.
  2. Check the setting; what’s the picture like you are sharing ie what’s in the background and do you have the camera pointing the right way? A quick check on lighting is good to but your setting doesn’t need full studio effects, simple stuff like don’t stand under a glaring light and at least “some” lighting is a good thing. Check first.
  3. Collaborate with your audience. Just like you wouldn’t run a competition on a page which doesn’t get much engagement (embarrassing much?), you don’t want to be going live on your own (it’s fun but believe me,.. ). Drum up a bit of business BEFORE you go live and then once live, continue to speak on topic until questions start coming through from the audience (participation). Collaboration on topic is where an audience will come back for more simply because they are going to learn (or enjoy the topic). **This reminds me a little of the YouTubers fame – they all ask their audiences to post questions which they answer – this is an immediate effect of that.

Don’t fret if all this live participation doesn’t happen in your first go – participation could happen after the main event in the form of comments and likes, or not…

Remember, if people come to expect you to go live, participation and engagement will eventually happen (on your engaged page). Get it? Hope so.  It’s fun.

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