Making healthy normal 

Was a fleeting visit but enough to make an impression… work doing well. People notice.


It’s seems rather surreal that the English weather has followed me over to Australia with the worst rain in several years and a chance of snow on the hills! And whilst I thought having done my postal vote I’d have escaped the Brexit debates, I was wrong! Pretty much everyone I have had the opportunity to meet with over the last 3 days have been very inquisitive about which way Britan will vote on the EU today! It seems there is no escaping Great Britain down under. There are still traces of the Queens’s birthday celebrations, afternoon teas, and fish and chips!

It’s true to say that I have been made to feel very welcome and ‘at home’ by Andrew Larpent and all of his teams that I have visited at several Southern Cross care and retirement facilities. I have been very impressed with the kindness that is shown between…

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