REPUBLISH: Dr Eric Levi on the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency in Melbourne

Great thoughts from Dr Eric Levi and it was great to meet him. My own blogs coming up soon..

Eric Levi


Last year I attended the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency at Jacksonville, Florida. This was what I wrote. Many of the lessons I learned last year still hold true today.

Today, I attended the Residency again, this time in my hometown of Melbourne Australia as part of the #MayoInOz Social Media Summit. I was one of the Chief Residents, and there were about 35 attendees. There were, I think, only 2 doctors in the group. The rest are hospital executives, organisational policy makers and communications officers.

I learned 3 important things:

  1. There are a lot of gifted, passionate and influential people in Australia & New Zealand willing to work hard, learn hard and network well for the benefit of their patients. And they’re not necessarily clinicians!
  2. Australia and New Zealand are soon going to have their tipping point when it comes to social media adoption. There are enough champions…

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