FIVEaa Radio Interview; Meeting People Online, like Ray

I’ll trade you a friend.

What’s that you say?



Well, if women are from Venus, and men are from Mars… there must be a slight difference in the way we do things, right? So, why not try trading friends. Like Ray did.

Who’s Ray?

Well, Ray Johnstone is a bloke who likes fishing. But he needed a new mate to fish with. So, he used Gumtree to find them.

My name is Ray Johnstone looking for Fishing Mate


Check this trending topic:


He’s had (at time of posting) over 70,000 hits on his post.

That’s pretty good Ray!

You can see it here:

He’s also had a LOT of people offer to go fishing with him.

Is it something you should do?

Of course.

But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water – or catch the wrong fish.

Be aware, stay alert, use the right bait, keep it fresh and fill that bucket with a good catch!

Happy fishing. Online.

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