The hidden impact of not staying fit for caring

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Waiting to start my regular Wednesday night fitness in the park session at Glenunga and we meet a lady walking the oval. She says, “how old are you?”. Curious question this age comparison thing is – but I let her know I’m 51 and she says, “I have 40 years on you.”

Impressive on many levels quite frankly, however

It does make us discuss getting older, looking after our bodies and staying fit. Heart, lungs and gut seem to be the key ingredients to healthier living. What are you doing? I’m giving it a big nudge as I need to in my carer role. Mum is no lightweight and so pushing her around on a weekend is not easy.

My niece discovered this the hard way after taking mum out for a coffee recently. Lots of puffing and panting and declarations for needing more muscles. Yep. It’s hard work.

Of course staying fit isn’t a sudden revelation.

We don’t just wake up when we are 50 or when we become a carer and think “I must get fit.” It’s a natural evolution and hopefully we are just upping the anti or improving our routines to beef up the muscles or lung capacity? (although, if you have just woken up – I highly recommend you do something sooner rather than later!).

We all have ebbs and flows in life.

Fitness is just one more thing – but it’s well worth it and we all need it. Especially when we are caring for another. Caring for ourselves first is utmost IMHO. There are many inspiring websites to help you, and here are three:



However, if you need local motivation, I personally recommend you join the growing trend of ‘fitness in the park‘. For me, I get fit with the breeze on my face, the sky to look at, as well as 91 year old ladies walking past who stop and chatter. All round charm.

So. I personally recommend you check out Mark’s Flatout Fitness… and listen to his advice which he sends out through his Facebook, such as:

The Healthy Pancake…


Here’s a way to still indulge in one of your favourite Sunday brunches. Try making pancakes with a low carbohydrate, high protein mix. This one is made by The Protein Bread Co. You won’t need to eat as much and therefore keep control of your weight, and you can still add all those yummy fruits which are high in vitamins and minerals. This one is also gluten free. So give it some thought and I will catch you soon. Mark 😉


Anyway, here’s his website too:

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