Ellis Wilkinson, creating healthy opportunities for aged care food discussions

Ellis Wilkinson. You couldn’t get anyone more passionate about food in aged care!

But who is Ellis Wilkinson and why is he interested in innovation and changes for the Aged Care Hospitality Services sector?

Catering expert Ellis Wilkinson is using his passion and skill to help create positive change around food quality and service for residents in aged care. Ellis is the director of Hotel Services Management Solutions, a management consultancy focusing all operational functions within catering, cleaning and laundry services.

With over 30 years’ experience within the food services and hospitality industry as an executive chef, and within management positions for some of the largest catering companies in the world, Ellis describes his business as exciting and rewarding, and says,

“I genuinely like helping people, I get great satisfaction on completing a project where I know I have had a positive impact on my clients business, this translates into great outcomes for the residents as well as the business”

“Food is such a huge part of life. Not only does it provide nourishment, it brings happiness and excitement and can evoke memories through taste and smell – something that’s vitally important to people living in aged care.”

Ellis works with and is involved in various groups that have a common goal, improving aged care hospitality services as a whole.
“This is not saying all food and hospitality is bad in aged care, some providers are doing great things, there is certainly great desire and commitment out there.”
He continues, “The first challenge in creating change is to adjust the perception of aged care cookery, which has long been seen as an industry where chefs and cooks go to retire, or where overcooked and pureed food is the norm”.
“The challenge we have set, is to attract the younger generation of chefs to our industry and educate those already working within it.”
Ellis said HSMS looks holistically at hotel services, ie not just the food, it is also looks at the front of house, an area predominantly made up of care staff who have a non-hospitality focus or background.
Hotel Services has not previously been a focus due to general lack of $s.
Past thinking had hotel services costing money rather than creating it.
However, this thinking is changing, with busineses realising the onflow effect from good consumer service and it becoming a valued asset and revenue stream to an aged care business.
Assisting aged care organisation’s hotel services, with a focus on produce-driven meals that promote health, wellbeing and cultural diversity is a passion for Ellis.

Hotel Services Management Solulions brings you the Tasting Australia event, the “Innovation and Changes Forum Aged Care Hospitality Services”

This forum will be a detailed look at aged care cookery and the changes it has undergone in recent years – and where it is heading. With a focus on creating a sustainable future for the industry, the event will showcase molecular gastronomy, demonstrating its place in aged care cookery. It encourages those currently working in hospitality who wish to create positive impact; either to understand how to improve the consumer experience through the use of food, that takes in consideration the budget, health outcomes and social wellbeing.

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