Nutrition and Dietetics – for Aged Care Panel Discussion

Who what where and why?

But first, how about this for a title?


BNutDiet, BSc(Hons), PhD, APD

Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics

College of Nursing & Health Sciences (Flinders University).


Hotel Services Management Solutions have announced Dr Alison Yaxley as one of their first panel members for the Innovation and Changes Forum for Aged Care Hospitality Services.
This forum, through its panel members, will have a detailed look at aged care cookery and the changes it has undergone in recent years ‚Äď and where it is heading. It will encourage those currently working in hospitality who wish to create positive impact (or those who would like to); either to understand how to improve the consumer experience through the use of food,¬† taking in considerations of budget, health¬†outcomes and social wellbeing.
Dr Alison Yaxley is an academic in Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University and an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, as well as the Food Service Domain Leader, teaching food service to student dietitians, including oversight of their professional practice placements in their final year. Much of Alison’s research is conducted in the ageing space, with a key area of interest being food service satisfaction, and she currently co-supervises a PhD student whose work is focused in that area.
Nutrition and Dietetics. The Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics produces nutritionists and dietitians who interpret scientific knowledge about food then translate it into practical information to help people change their eating habits and improve their health.  More:
Alison is committed to improving the food service in aged care through education and research to ultimately improve the experience of residents.
She will be a great inclusion on the panel.
What questions would you ask of her?
Make sure you book to come along and hear her answers!


Date: 20 April      

Location: Plant 4, Level 1 Demo kitchen, Bowden

Note: please be advised this event may be filmed using a 360¬į camera and streamed live to the internet.

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