The perfect score audience member profile

Ryan Midgley has over 17 years experience as a health professional. He is driven to deliver high-quality services thru Innovation, Leadership, and Intrepreneurship. He builds great teams to share his vision who have a “can do attitude” and is personally excited by change.

Ryan is currently Eldercare’s Site Operations Manager Acacia Court and Oxford, so we know he has hands on, at the frontline, aged care experience.

He has the perfect audience member profile for the Tasting Australia Innovation and Changes For Aged Care Hospitality Services Forum, so we are thrilled he has booked and secured his seat.

Why? Well, the event will encourage those currently working in hospitality who wish to create positive impact; to understand how to improve the consumer experience through the use of food, taking in consideration the budget, health outcomes and social wellbeing.

Of course, we encourage anyone with an interest in aged and palliative food to join us… the event is free and will include a detailed look at aged care cookery and the changes it has undergone in recent years – and where it is heading.

Ryan has already put us under the pump by asking the following questions;

– Achieving a high quality meal services after hours without a chef – what are the secrets?
– Finger food in aged care – thoughts and ideas to deliver a casual dining experience
– Menu development – key trends and the do’s and don’t’s when developing a menu.
– Consumer engagement – involving residents in the dining experience, how to do this the best we can?

Come along to hear the panels answers to Ryan (and maybe even meet Ryan!). We hope for an engaging and robust but practical discussion – with takeaways for everyone.


Date: 20 April

Location: Plant 4, Level 1 Demo kitchen, Bowden

Note: please be advised this event may be filmed using a 360° camera and streamed live to the internet.

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