Looking down on your career; the drone’s view

Saying we are looking from a heavenly perspective could work, but it may be considered a tad religious. A birds eye view? A better catch phrase sure. The more contemporary phase would be from a drone.

A drone is simply a new way to see the world, with new perspective.

Technology. It can improve our view.

In terms of our career, we should never look down, especially when we have had such a long wonderful time of it. But we can look at it from a new perspective.

The drone’s view.

Where this started. I got caught out. I started deleting elements of my early career because I had been told my career history was ” too long” ” too complicated” and ” too full”.

Blah. I got over it. I’m no long afraid to admit when my career started, which year and what I did. In fact, I will be adding my first job to my LinkedIn profile to prove this fact.

I sold ice-creams at The Grange Kiosk. I was 16.

This thought process started after attending an event held by The Adelaide Network. We got talking (as humans do) and in the thread of the conversation we shared what our first jobs were. I bragged how I thought my daughter was doing amazingly – but (and this is where I caught myself), I professed she started out well as she was almost running supermarkets by 15. In my head that demonstrated she would do well anyway.

But wait…

How we start out in our career, regardless of the barriers and forces against us, demonstrates to recruiters what our work ethic is like, what we will pitch in and get involved with and where our headspace might be. If we are willing, it shines.

I loved selling ice-creams but I was never persuaded to wear the skimpy bikini. I wore white cotton oversized shirts with my sleeves rolled up.

Provides the insight you need.

The other insight you need (about me)? I love drones. They are the most creative thing to hit the photography world in years. The perspective they provide to every day life is incredible.

Embrace the change in perspective.

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