RUOK in your struggles?

Some days I struggle but I know I’ll be 100% OK. Others are not so blessed with this mindset.

How do I get through?

I research and these quote snippets have helped me in recent times. Thank you Elizabeth Williamson

“Conflict makes our world turn, our heads spin, our hearts race and sometimes our hearts break. In the real world, we can all be a little difficult and demanding at times when worried, stressed, or feeling defensive. Like all forms of assessment and enquiry, you should be trying to take a scientific approach. That is challenge your assumptions and always be aware of evidence that disproved your theory. In other words, we should be generous and compassionate in our thoughts about other people’s behaviours and motivations. (Apparently) Our brain is set us up to mirror other’s emotions and behaviours. Without realising it, we tend to mirror bad behaviour and bad moods more easily than positive ones.” ~E. Williamson

I’m in the mood to mirror more positive.

I hope you are OK today, and everyday. Take a moment to breathe… x

#leadership #healthcare #blessed #compassion #ruok

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