Fires, Floods, Fevers.


Your welfare is always of utmost importance to us, as is our entire community. Hence why we raise money for mental health and wellbeing through organisations such as MOSH Australia.

Our initial reaction to COVID-19 was to ensure our fundraising event continued and that our supporters and suppliers were not impacted. It soon became evident, due to the announcements from the PM restricting events of over 100 people indoors, that we would regrettably need to postpone the Vintage Ball. This we did.

Onwards. I am immensely proud to announce the Committee isn’t one to rest on their corks. After all, like the wine group, corks have a history! Our ethos is to support those in our community.

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

We are action orientated people who love to socialise.

Let’s unpack COVID in this way:

(C)ompassion, (0)riginality, (V)aliant, (I)mpact and (D)efiance.

There’s a lesson in each of these words. In everything we do, we have compassion for our community. Our events have always focused on originality – as you don’t need a bunch of volunteers running a social club doing what you can do at your local pub or through a major event organiser, but you do need us to inspire you to fundraise for our favourite charities and to look at wine socialising in a new light. It’s what we’ve always done best. To boldly go… it’s our original tag line, written by the one and only Steve Davis – it inspires us to be valiant in our efforts.

Did you know that Cork has been used for thousands of years as a stopper in bottles? It has even been found in the tombs dating back to ancient Egypt. Ancient Greeks and Romans also made good use of it, and it was found use as floats for fishing nets, sandals, wine bottle stoppers and even personal flotation devices for fishermen.

It’s a device we could all turn to for inspiration in times of COVID. Yes, the CORK!

After all, I reckon it’s seen a few human plagues, fires and floods in its time. In a modern world of synthetic materials, cork continues to lead the way. This amazing and natural material has a wide range of applications far beyond the oft thought of wine bottle stopper. With new ways to use it being thought of all the time, it is sure to continue to be an environmentally friendly favourite for many years to come. As is our social group!

But I digress from the Vintage Ball…

To have impact with our fundraising… to not just follow the crowd, we must always look outside the square and consider “what else?”.

So, it’s with these sentiments of “what else?” we will go forth in defiance against this disease and work with all to keep our friends and followers thriving.

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

We have a caterer who just postponed significant revenue for us (and all the meat/veg suppliers behind them), a club who is losing money from lost revenue, entertainers who, while they may love and support our charities, are losing money from their day job.

We are a community and it’s times like these we need the originality of thought to inspire our next steps. So, the committee has produced a calendar of events to consider until our actual Vintage Ball takes place at Halloween… and if you are self-isolating..? Simply join us from home – we will include pictures via Facebook so you don’t feel left out (hey, I may even video again).

The known events we are planning include:

1. 28 March – MOSH Op Shop Tour *Confirmed for 20pp

2. 12 April – Lunch at Ekhidna (McLaren vale) *Booked for 15pp

3. 25 April – Anzac Day (we wish for everyone to still pay their respects)

4. 9 May – ZOO Day! *Outdoors

Yes, we are off to visit the WILD animals at the Zoo on our original Vintage Ball date – 3pm kick off – pay own way into Zoo
Meet at The Lion afterwards from 6pm **Dinner up to 30pp

5. 16 May – Wine Tasting Ulster Park (Clare) *Find own way via car / meet up / smaller groups

6. 20 June – Winter Solstice Dinner @ the Victory **Up to 30pp

7. Date July – Langmeil Lunch (Barossa – stay over weekend) **Up to 30pp

8. Date TBA – Irish Club Wine Tasting with Music **Up to 50pp

9. Date TBA – Winter Dead Reds **Up to 30pp

10. Date TBA – Netflix by the Moonlight (loungeroom event)

11. Date TBA – “What’s in your glass” (loungeroom event)

12. Date TBA – Silent Auction Online (loungeroom event)

13. Date TBA – Port Adelaide Train – Wine Walk

14. Date TBA – Choir Singing Lessons

15. 31 October Vintage Ball *let’s get WILD on Halloweens.

Best way to stay in touch with the above events, is via our Facebook Group. However, due to these trying times, we will open up an email channel to ensure you know what is on, when. Please send me your email details if this is your preference.

May we all just take a moment and thank the Committee for their tireless efforts to keep you social.

In kindness.

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