Happy birthday me in 2022

It’s my birthday
And I’m grateful to be one year older
Even if not wiser, ha!
Life is a blessing
However I do miss my dear ones
No point stressing.

My mother won’t be singing happy birthday
Via a phone she no longer owns
Because she’s up there with dad, Wade
Grandma, grandad and more
Celebrating with a party
Not being a bore.

I share my birthday
With my favourite man
Even if he can’t be with me in person
Wade is always there in my heart
I know he watches over
Very much a part.

Just the thing
There’s a 20 year flashback
It’s makes me reminisce
Where did it all go?
It went to love, learning, and leaning in
My spirit grows.

On this day
We can hold hands while standing apart
We can share face to face calls
Across a digital divide
We can be there for each other
We can take sides.

On this day
You can choose what’s right (!)
You can put self over others (!)
Even within this simple far away land
I wish for a kinder place
My friends understand.

On this day


Choose you. Choose love.

Choose good shoes.

Or at least ones that fit.

It’s what we should all have.


Happy birthday to me.

Give me a cheer
Say hello or have a beer
Wine, gin, or your favourite thing
It’s my birthday!
We can at least celebrate
And have a great day on a Friday!

PS I was born on a Friday 🙂

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