Poem | They are just words strung.

They are just words strung.
Never sung.
All in fun.

A sudden shift
The slow awakening
Taking each day as it will come
A friends guidance
And being honest
Where we once begun.

Honest truths and missing links
Come together as one
The horizon is closer
Set sail to the sun
Let the heart blossom
Not trigger with gun.

Roller-coaster rides
Thrills with slides
Life regains that pride
We take on the stride
As we do true blue
All intended with a pun.

Are you with me?
Do we start again
Another poem over
Express youself with madonna
Not life as a gonna
No one to shun.

It is our own try
No place too high
Be me. Be you. Be true.
He said the prophet
Looks to history
Lets have some fun.

The words strung.
#poembycharlie #charliepoem #life #art #theyarejustwordsstrung

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